FAQ Eurekaweek

Below you can find the frequently asked questions. However, if you still have any questions after reading them, do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Yes! The Eurekaweek will definitely go on!

    A few weeks ago, the Dutch government decided to cancel all events until September 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19. As a result, the Eurekaweek will take place in a different form than in previous years. Nevertheless, the Eurekaweek will go on! The introduction week will take place during the original dates: From the 17th until 20th of August. In addition, there is an international day on August the 16th that is only intended for international students.

  • New scenario
    The so ‘Blended Eurekaweek 2020’ will consist of both online and offline activities; online because it is possible and offline if it is possible.

    Due to the measures regarding COVID-19, the Eurekaweek 2020 will take place in a different form than the previous editions. This year, the Eurekaweek well be divided into two parts; three physical days in Rotterdam and one online day. During these physical days, activities will be organized in more than 100 different locations in order to introduce you to everything that studying in Rotterdam has to offer. Naturally, all activities will be in line with the measures taken by the government. The second part consists of an interactive digital platform where you can find all information about the city of Rotterdam, Erasmus University and student life. On this platform many different workshops, games and information sessions will be organised by various organisations.


  • This year, the Eurekaweek will take place between Monday the 17th of August and Thursday the 20th of August 2020. In addition, on the 16th of August we organise an extra day specifically and only for international students.

  • No! The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and has nothing to do with an initiation ("ragging" /"hazing"). You won’t have to do anything you don’t want to!

  • As a participant you will be divided into groups with about 12 to 15 fellow students. There are two senior students from your study in each group, who will guide you and show you Rotterdam. These guides receive advance training in awareness of drug & alcohol use, group dynamics, and training in dealing with calamities and conflict.

  • Of course! You can always use your own smartphone. In addition, a service team is available all week, both offline and online. During the day, a Eurekaweek board member will always be available through the following number: +31 (0) 10-4082154. In case of an emergency, you can also contact the Eurekaweek board in the evening or at night.

    Our system contain lists with phone numbers of all participants and guides, therefore the Eurekaweek board can reach everyone at every moment and also pass on messages from guides to participants, and vice versa.

  • No, you do not receive ECTS for participating in this week. However, the Eurekaweek is a very useful week, where you can get to know your fellow students, Rotterdam, the University, the associations and the student life much better.

  • 1. You can only access the locations if you wear an official Eurekaweek wristband or Eurekaweek guest wristband. The Eurekaweek board always reserves the right to deny someone access to the location.

    2. Before you enter any location, your bag will be checked by the security service.

    3. Those attending the age of majority wear a green wristband. Minors present wear a white glow in the dark wristband.

    4. Minors are not allowed to drink or smoke. If this does happen, the offender will be removed from the location and he/she will be excluded from further participation in the Eurekaweek.

    5. All types of drugs (hard and soft drugs) are strictly prohibited. Nitrous oxide capsules are also included.

Target groups & Participants

  • The Eurekaweek is meant for everyone who is going to study at the Erasmus University. The participants can be prospective Bachelor, Pre-Master or Master students.

  • No, it is not mandatory, but it is definitely recommended. Apart from all the fun activities in the program, it is also a very convenient way to make new college friends!

  • No, unfortunately it is not possible to participate in the Eurekaweek as a HBO-student, as it is organized by Erasmus University.

  • No, we attempt to place every participant in groups with students who are in the same year of their study. Furthermore, we'll also try to match you with guides who have followed the same programme, so that they are able to tell you everything about your study.

  • Definitely! Eurekaweek is much more than just a sightseeing tour of Rotterdam. Besides the city of Rotterdam, we mainly focus on discovering the university/institution, the possibilities available to you during your study time, and getting to know your fellow students.

  • Yes absolutely! You will get to know lots of nice spots in Rotterdam. We would recommend you to find a place to sleep to make sure that you don't have to take the last metro or train. You'll find more info on sleeping here.

  • Yes, for sure! For more information about participating in the Eurekaweek with a functional impairment click here!


  • Curious what to expect during the week? Find the programme for the Eurekaweek 2020 here!

  • Of course, you are free to do whatever you want: nothing is compulsory during the week. However, it is recommended to take part in as many activities as possible. In this way, you are able to experience the most and have the most fun!


  • Registration is through our website. The moment we receive your payment, you're automatically enrolled. Registrations open on June 1st.

  • It is possible to sign up for the Eurekaweek 2020 until August 3, 2020.


Costs & Payment

  • Prices for the Eurekaweek can be found under the heading “Information about registration”. How much you spend on drinks, is completely in your own hands. In addition, you must also provide a ticket for public transport yourself.

  • There are multiple ways to pay for the Eurekaweek. All students can pay with Paypal or credit card and Dutch students can also pay with iDeal. You can indicate your preferred method during your registration. 

  • You can send an e-mail to eureka@eur.nl before the 1st of August. Only if you do so, we will approve your request. Afterwards, you will be able to contact Paylogic through us.


  • If you prefer to, of course this is possible. Be aware that the evening program lasts until 23:00. If you want to experience this to the full, it is advisable to sleep at the university, in an association house or at another guest address, unless you live near the university of course! For more information about sleeping click here!

  • For a number of participants, there is a place to sleep in the sports hall of the Erasmus University, location Woudestein. You can apply for a place at the moment you are registering or through the website. Please note: the facilities are normally used during the day, which means that you have to leave the facility before 10:30.

  • If you would like to know what the life in a real student house is like, or if you don’t want to sleep on the campus, you can arrange a place to sleep in one of the student houses of Rotterdam. Sleeping at a student house doesn’t mean you have to become a member of a student association! Click on this link for more information about sleeping at a student house.


  • During the three physical days in Rotterdam (Monday till Wednesday), dinner will be provided. Every evening, small groups will eat at the University or at the various study, student and sports associations. Breakfast and lunch will not be provided. You are responsible for this.

  • This year, vegetarian food will be the norm during Eurekaweek! The registration form asks if you would like to eat meat during the week. All you have to do as a vegetarian is not tick this box.

  • Allergies can be indicated on the registration form. We will try to take this into account as much as possible.

Student associations

  • Student social associations provide activities during the program. As a participant you will be divided into shifts to visit these associations. They also organize an evening program and there is a possibility that you have dinner at one of the student social associations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • No, this is of course your own choice. During the week the student associations will present themselves. It is possible to become a member during the Eurekaweek, after this week this isn’t possible anymore.

  • No, the introductions of the student associations are the week after Eurekaweek.

Study associations

  • The study associations mainly present themselves during the various activities during the week and on our online platform. This allows you to gain enough information about your relevant associations.

  • You definitely aren't obliged to join the study association of your faculty. However, they organise various parties, social drinks, study trips and other activities. This is not only educational and fun, but also a great way to get to know some of your fellow students. Moreover, many study associations provide discount on books and study material. 

  • No, the study associations have their own introduction periods, which are usually in the weekends before or after the Eurekaweek. 

Sports clubs & Cultural associations

  • The sports associations will introduce themselves during the physical program and online. This allows you to get to know the different sports associations in a sporty way. The same applies to the cultural associations.

What to bring to the Eurekaweek

  • If you are not a resident of Rotterdam yet and you are sleeping at the university or at one of the students associations, it is useful to bring the following basic items:

    • Cash money, ID card, debit card, insurance card
    • Charged OV-chipcard (public transportation card) to be able to use public transport. For more information, click here
    • Toiletries
    • Towel(s)
    • Sleeping mattress (when you are sleeping at the university there will be a mattress ready for you).
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow
    • Clothing
    • Sportswear, for the sports workshops
    • Shoes in which you can walk a whole week (and dance of course!)
    • Umbrella and/or rain coat (of course the weather will be beautiful, but you never know…)
    • Last but not least bring your good mood!