Guide Eurekaweek 2021


Note:  You can apply to become a guide now!

The Eurekaweek 2021 will take place from Monday the 16th of August until Thursday the 19th of August. This week can only be a success with the help of enthusiastic guides! As a guide, you’re responsible for guiding a group of participants during the week. Don’t worry, you will not be doing this alone. You will be a guide together with your friend or study buddy! For four days, you will take the participants to the campus, the city and the associations. Together with your co-guide and your group of participants, you will seize all opportunities to make this week into a fantastic Eurekaweek!

A week filled with opportunity!

What do we expect from a guide? As a guide, you’re a key player during the Eurekaweek, since you will be making sure the participants have an amazing week. It is essential that a guide has great sense of responsibility and can keep his or her group together during the week. Assume that, for four days, your group of participants will require your full attention. Therefore, you won’t be able to perform any side activities during the week. As a preparation for your job as a guide, you’re obliged to participate in a guide training. Besides the responsibilities, participating as a guide is mostly a lot of fun as well as a golden opportunity to meet the new students!

What does the Eurekaweek offer to you as a guide?

  • A SUPER fun week
  • The perfect ending of your holiday as well as a great start of the new academic year
  • You gain experience with mentoring a small group
  • Free participation in all activities during the week
  • Access tot the Eurekaweek parties and the student associations.
  • Lots of unforgettable moments!


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