Information for parents

Note: The Eurekaweek is an event initiated by the Erasmus University and no forms of initiation, hazing or ragging will take place during this week!

The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The step towards University is often seen as a big one. Your son/daughter will start a new chapter in their life and probably is not accustomed to the life in Rotterdam/the Netherlands yet. For this reason we organize the Eurekaweek. During this week, new students will be introduced to the University, their fellow students and the city of Rotterdam.

This year the Eurekaweek will take place from the 17th until the 20th of August 2020. The official program will start every day at 11.00, and end at 23.00. During the Eurekaweek we will organize various activities to introduce our participants to the city, their studies and the student life in Rotterdam. Therefore its desirable that your son/daughter will participate in all of these activities since this is the best way for them to start their time at the EUR.

Prior to the Eurekaweek your son/daughter will be assigned to a group consisting of approximately 15 students from the same study program. The entire week they will be guided by two guides, who are senior students of mostly the same study program.

Useful information!

  • Due to the measures regarding COVID-19 the Eurekaweek will take place in a different form than the previous editions. This year the Eurekaweek is split into two parts; 3 physical days and 1 online day. During the first 3 days (Monday 17th until Wednesday 19th of August) our participants will visit different activities distributed over more than 100 locations spread throughout the entire city. During these activities all measures from the RIVM (Dutch Health Institute) will be followed.

    The final day, Thursday the 20th of August, will completely take place on our interactive digital platform. On this platform various workshops, games and information sessions will be organised. Additionally, this platform will contain all information that is relevant to studying at Erasmus University.

    Updates will follow via the button below:

  • During the 3 physical days we will take care of a dinner. Every evening small groups will get together to eat at the campus or at different study-, student- and sport associations.

    Note: we will not take care of breakfast and lunch, this is the responsibility of your own son/daughter.

  • If your son/daughter is not able to commute back home, we offer various possibilities for overnight accommodation. For more information, please refer to the “sleeping” page. For more information check out the button below.

  • The Eurekaweek is organised by the Eurekaweek board, which consists of nine students. They work fulltime on organising the Eurekaweek starting from December.

  • Do you have any questions that are not mentioned under the Frequently Asked Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our Commissioner of Participants & Guides, Lieke van der Meule, via the button below.

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