The Eurekaweek will take place from August 17 to August 20


Note: all overnight options that we offer are in line with the measures from the RIVM (Dutch health institute).

The physical program of the Eurekaweek will take place from the 17th until the 19th of August. On these days we offer a full day program, for this reason a place to sleep in Rotterdam is recommended.

Sleeping facilities during the Eurekaweek:

  • Sleeping at your own home or with family / friends
  • Sleeping at one of the houses of the student associations
  • Sleeping at the University campus (Woudestein) 
  • Stay at a hotel/hostel

Sleeping facilities during the Eurekaweek:

  • Do you already live in Rotterdam or do you have friends or family living in Rotterdam? Check if it is possible to stay there. This is cheaper for you and ensures that there are enough sleeping places for participants who cannot do otherwise.

  • During the Eurekaweek it is possible to sleep in a student house of one of the student associations. Are you curious about how things are in a real student house? The student associations Laurentius, NSR, RSC/RVSVRSG and SSR offer their houses to sleep during the week. Check the website of the Rotterdam Chamber of Associations/de Rotterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen (RKVV) - the umbrella organization of all associations - for a place to sleep in a student house. There is also the possibility to spend the night with one of the members of the rowing association Skadi. Sleeping in an association house does not mean that you have to become a member of an association!

    If you want to register to sleep in an association house, register for the Eurekaweek in exclusive overnight stay and arrange your overnight stay yourself through one of the student associations.

  • If you do not already have a place to stay, the Eurekaweek Board offers an accommodation at the sports center, situated on campus. (17th until 19th of August, 3 nights). The costs for sleeping on campus are €53,50. The places are limited.

    Please note:

    • During the day, the sports center will be used for sports activities. Therefore, the center must be cleared for these activities in the morning and students will have to leave the center before 11:00 am.
    • Because the mattresses that mark the sleeping places can hardly be disinfected, it is an additional requirement that everyone who spends the night here take their own sleeping or sheet bag. (We provide a mattress and a chair. You take care for the sheets, blankets and/or pillows).
    • Luggage storage in the stands is possible, but only for people who stay overnight here.
    • The lockers are not in use.
  • It is also possible to stay at a hotel/hostel during the Eurekaweek.

    Since the ‘physical’ days of the Eurekaweek are from 17th until 19th of august we recommend to book at least 2 nights.
    The hotels/hostels listed below offer discounts especially for Eurekaweek participants.

    Do not forget to fill in your promotional code!

    *Booking the hotel stay is at the expense and risk of the participants themselves. The Eurekaweek board cannot guarantee the safety of a hotel / hostel, nor can it be held liable for damage, directly or indirectly, resulting from the actions of a hotel / hostel.

    Code: Eureka 2020 - for a private room ( for 1 or 2 persons).

    Note: Booking on the website is only possible with a Credit Card, you can email Cityhub if you want to book with a debit card.

    Code EUREKA2020 for €40 per night (2 nights minimum)


    Code EUREKA2020 voor 10% korting.

    Code EUREKA2020 for a 10% discount

    Code Eureka for €40 per night

    Follow the discount link below for a 10% discount on the best available rate (including breakfast).

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