Alarm numbers

Emergency phone number: 112
Police (no emergency): 0900-8844

Doctor and Dentist

Studying in Rotterdam means you also might move to the city. This also means a few practical issues have to be taken care of. A lot of students forget to find a doctor and dentist in the neighbourhood. It could be practical to find these as quickly as possible. However, it is important to keep on your previous doctor and dentist until you are registered at a new practice.

Information of doctors

The website Huisartsinfo provides information about doctor's office that takes on new patients. Click search to get to the extensive search function. In this screen you can choose Rotterdam as 'Plaats', Eerste Lijn as 'Categorie' and Huisartsenpraktijk as 'Groep'. Also check the mark 'Geopend voor nieuwe patiënten'. Searching with these parameters will give you an updated list with doctors in Rotterdam.

No Social Security number?

If you don't have a Dutch social security number, you can only see a doctor against a special price. You can pick one from the list of Student doctors in Rotterdam.

GGD Health helpline

If you have any questions about your health that you can't or don't want to discuss with your doctor, you can call the GGD health institution. If you call the health helpline, a professional can answer your question or redirect you to a relevant organisation for help. 

You can reach the helpline on workdays between 09.00 - 13.00 on their phone number: 010-433 9966

Student counseling

If you have any issues related to your study or any issues your study adviser should know about, you can always contact a student counselor. Read more information about counseling at EUR here