Student organisations aimed at social activities


The EUR has many different student associations that are primarily focused on social activities, all with their own offer, culture and characteristics. Some are really traditional with many rules (like some fraternities), while others offer you more freedom. These organisations offer you the opportunity to get to know many people from different studies and with different backgrounds.

Afghan student association

Association of Students of African Heritage

Medical multicultural student association

Chinese student association

Erasmus Multicultural Associations EMA    
Erasmus Multicultural Associations

Erasmus University College Student Association EUCSA
Student association EUC

HonEURs Alumni Vereniging Rotterdam HAV
Alumni association Honeurs students

Islamic student association

Turkish student association

Navigators Studentenvereniging Rotterdam NSR    
Christian student association

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Rotterdam   
Indonesian student association

Rotterdamse Kamer van Verenigingen RKvV    
Association of the Student Fraternities

Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps/Rotterdamse vrouwelijke studentenvereniging RSC/RVSV
Student Fraternity

Rotterdamsch Studenten Gezelschap RSG
Student Fraternity

R.S.V. Sanctus Laurentius RSV
Student Fraternity

In De Smitse
Campus café    
Café In de Smitse

Surinamese Students Abroad SSA
Surinamese student association

Societas Studiosorum Reformatorum Roterodamensis SSR-R
Student Fraternity

Eastern European Students Association EESA
Eastern European student association