Thesis supervision

Welcomed themes

  • Happiness and time use: Analysis of Happiness Diary data gathered continuously by GeluksWijzer project (English language version Happiness Indicator). Possible research questions are:
    • Work hours and happiness: what is optimal for whom?
    • Leisure and happiness: what kinds of leisure are most satisfying for what kinds of people?
    • ….
  • Happiness and occupation: Analysis of the Wage Indicatordata. Possible research questions are:
    • What kind of people are happiest in what kind of jobs?
    • Satisfied with job, but not with life
    • …..
  • Meta-analysis of happiness: Analysis of a topic in the World Database of Happiness. Suitable topics are:
    • Happiness and income: What income is optimal for whom?
    • Happiness and self-employment
    • …..

Earlier theses

  • Michiel Slag. Economic growth and happiness in nations: Test of the Easterlin paradox
  •   …..

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