Working Papers

Working Paper 2018/9

Hendriks, M. & Burger, M. Unsuccessful subjective well-being assimilation among immigrants: The role of faltering perceptions of the host society.

Working Paper 2018/08

Burger, M, Hendriks, M., Pleeging, E., & Van Ours, J.C. The Joy of Lottery Play: Evidence from a Field Experiment.

Working Paper 2018/07

Liu, J. Veenhoven, R. (2018) Happiness and self-employment

Working Paper 2018/06

Slag, M., Burger, M., Veenhoven, R. (2018). Did the Easterlin Paradox apply in South-Korea 1980-2015? A case study

Working Paper 2018/05

Veenhoven, R. (2018). Will Healthy Eating Make You Happier?

Working Paper 2018/04

Pierewan,A.C, Veenhoven, R. HappyLife Years Indonesia

Working Paper 2018/03

Jantsch, A., Veenhoven, R. (2018). Private Wealth and Happiness. A research synthesis using an online findings-archive

Working Paper 2018/02

Veenhoven, R., Chiperi, F, Kang, X. & Burger, M. (2018) Happiness and Consumption

Working Paper 2018/01

Ouweneel, P. & Veenhoven R. (2018) Happiness in Rotterdam

Working Paper 2017/01

Buettner, D., Nelson, T & Veenhoven, R. (2017) Ways to greater happiness: A Delphi study

Documentation Delphi Study

Working Paper 2015/02

Veenhoven,R., Chin Hon Foei, S. & Ott, J. (2015). Why Are The Danes Happier Than The Dutch?

Working Paper 2015/01

Bakker, A., Burger, M., van Haren, P., Oerlemans, W. & Veenhoven, R. (2015). Happiness Raised by Raising Awareness: Effect of Happiness Using the Happiness Indicator.