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Happiness Research Organisation

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(HEIRS) Happiness Economics and Interpersonal RelationS

A group of Italian researchers who see the paradox of happiness embedded in its dependence on interpersonal relationships. This led them to researching the interconnection between individual and public happiness. They do this by applying the instruments and logic of economic theory to the study of subjective well-being or happiness.
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(ISQOLS) International Society for Quality of Life Studies

Interdisciplinary research organization concerning Quality of Life. It funds research, publishes articles and organizes symposia. The goal of ISQOLS is to provide an organization through which all academic and professional researchers interested in QOL studies may coordinate their efforts to advance the field of QOL studies within various disciplines.
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Institut for Lykkeforskning (translation: Institute for Happiness Research)

A Danish initiative bend on investigating happiness. It intends to put happiness on the Danish agenda and in time not only monitor growth in monetary terms, but also by the ability to make a happy country.
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