Research Data

Research Data is a very popular topic and there's already a lot information to be found on Research Matters. Please use the information in this portal if you need background information regarding research data (management). 

Within the different phases of the data life cycle the Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) can play its role. In the early stage we can help with access to, and finding data within, databases. Furthermore you can consult us about the creation of data management plans. Once you finished your research we can assist you safely storing your data. In the last phase, the re-use of your data, the role is quite obvious. During the whole data life cycle legal aspects, like IPR, privacy or database law can play a role. If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask for our support.

The Data management plan

In the data management plan the researcher can provide a lot of information about the dataset. This information is useful for promotors, funders and later to safely secure your data in a data storage system. We have collected lot of standard text which can be re-used for grant request for different funders. Some online and some on our intranet.


We have several options (each with their own purpose) to store data. A short overview:

@wEURk for use during research, share locally
Surfdrive for use during research, share internationally
Dataverse long-term storage solution


SurfDrive is the answer on dropbox. It is like a corporate dropbox, but on Dutch servers. Researcher of the EUR can login with their erna account.

Dutch Dataverse Network (DDN)

When we want to securely store data for a long period of time, we use the Dutch Dataverse Network. Dataverse has been developed by Harvard and is being used by several universities worldwide. In the Netherlands it's hosted by DANS.

Re-use of the Data

When a researcher has released the data for fellow researchers and students we will provide access to the dataset through DDN, the Institutioneel Repository, RePub, DANS Easy and the EDSC website.