Final assignment Erasmus Honours Programme 2012

In addition to three course modules and the assessment involved in those, the Erasmus Honours
Programme also entails a final assignment worth 2 EC (52 hours). The final assignment is an integral part of the EHP curriculum and must be completed successfully in order for students to obtain the coveted Honours certificate.

The final assignment for 2012 involved writing a journalistic report on the course modules in the EHP
curriculum that the students have taken.

The best article will be rewarded with an extra mention on the Letter of Recommendation from the Rector Magnificus and will be placed on the website of the EHP, naturally accompanied by the name of the author.

Dafna Burema submitted the best article of the English Erasmus Honours Programme 2012, entitled 'Honourable Memories'. 

Her assignment was awarded an 8.6. "Almost precisely what the Erasmus Honours Programme had in mind when we formulated this assignment. Any quality newspaper would accept it. It is vividly written, with a fine sense of wit, it is informative, where content is concerned, as well as the everyday practice of the program." 

Click here to read the article 'Honourable Memories'.