Erasmus Open Access Fund

Update April 2021:
Funding is no longer available for Open Access publications from Erasmus MC

When publishing in Gold Open Access, the publisher charges a publication fee: the Article Processing Charge (APC). You can request (partial) funding for the publication fee from the Erasmus Open Access Fund, if the APC is not covered by another source of funding. The fund is also utilized for Open Access book publications by contributing to the payment of the Book Processing Charge (BPC).

Before applying for funding ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the journal part of one of the Publisher Deals? If so, the publication costs are already covered and Open Access publication is free of charge. You can easily check this in the Erasmus Journal Browser.
  • Are the publication costs reimbursed by the research funder? If so, there is already funding available to cover the publication costs and you are not eligible for financial support from the Erasmus Open Access Fund. Some funders reimburse publication costs during the project as long as they do not exceed the project budget.


  • No other financial arrangement is in place to pay for the APC or BPC;
  • The corresponding author is affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam or the International Institute of Social Studies;
  • The publication has been accepted in 2020 or 2021;
  • Funded articles and books must be published under a Creative Commons license, preferably a CC-BY license.
  • The publication will be registered via Personal Metis;
  • Authors affiliated to the Erasmus University Rotterdam have an ORCID iD.

Additional conditions for the funding of articles

  • The article will be published in a peer reviewed journal or volume;
  • The journal of publication is a full Open Access journal;
  • The journal is included in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Additional conditions for the funding of books

  • Your publication concerns a monograph or scientific book (or a chapter thereof) that has passed a peer-review organized by the publisher. A scientific book or monograph is defined as: a long-form academic work or book on a single research topic, typically written by one or sometimes two authors. This includes (peer-reviewed) edited collections as well as critical editions.
  • The contribution for a book is a maximum of €6,000. The contribution for book chapters is a maximum of €2,000 per chapter with a maximum of three chapters per book;
  • Excluded from reimbursement are: educational books (textbooks), conference proceedings, dissertations and translations.

Does your publication meet the conditions? Then apply for funding before submitting your manuscript. Applications that meet the criteria will be (partially) honored after evaluation and as long as there are sufficient funds left in the budget.

Note: Applications for funding of publication costs that have already been paid will not be processed.