Clinical Technology

Advanced scans, surgical robots and custom-made 3D-printed artificial organs. It is impossible to imagine the health care sector without medical technology. However, these innovative treatment methods call for a new type of medical professional. That means someone with both medical and technical knowledge, who can form a linking pin between technology and patients.

The Clinical Technology degree program trains students to be clinical technicians/technical physicians: medical-technology professionals who apply their expertise in medical treatment teams for an optimal diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Clinical technicians facilitate the introduction of technological innovations in the health care sector and will make a difference in the health care of the future. As a student, you learn to analyse the human body and diseases from the perspective of an engineer as well as learning to work with complex technologies.

The Clinical Technology degree program is a collaborative partnership between Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Leiden University (LUMC) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (Erasmus MC). These three world-class centers of excellence collaborate in the field of clinical technology in the Medical Delta. Here, they develop such things as 3D prints of the human body to help surgeons practise before performing a complicated procedure. The advanced research facilities and extensive knowledge present make the Medical Delta an appealing study environment.

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