Webpage for the bachelor program Nanobiology

A new field of research operating on the interface of physics, biology and medical research. With the aid of technological innovation, it's currently possible to assess biology at a nano-level and to study the physics of cells.

The TU Delft has joined forces with the Erasmus University Rotterdam in this unique program, that focuses on the interactions between molecules, cells and organisms according to the principles of physics. This program evolves around the development of methods and techniques to discover cardiac failure before manifestation of disease, or of a microscope that can analyse crucial molecules in cells in vivo. All in all, Nanobiology is the study of the complexity of life.

This relatively young discipline creates a bridge between physics, nanophysics, biology and medical research. The program is suitable for students with a strong interest in both biology and physics.

The program is a joint degree of two top universities. The advanced facilities for research and extensive knowledge available make for an interesting environment to study in.

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