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Erasmus MC Graduate School provides outstanding Research Master and PhD programmes to educate and train future world-class biomedical academics in the clinical, health science and/or biomedical field and in a stimulating environment. 

Erasmus MC enables graduates to become an independent researcher able to solve complex questions, based on scientific evidence. Our PhD graduates have the competencies to appraise scientific research and have made important steps towards being biomedical academics.  

One Campus: Erasmus MC
Erasmus MC University Medical Center, more commonly known as Erasmus MC, Erasmus University’s Medical School and its three university hospitals are all integrated into one campus and led by one Executive Board.

The Education Center with 400 study spots and 40 teaching rooms and lecture halls for up to 6,000 students was opened in 2012 and subsequently won the Rotterdam Architecture Prize in 2013. In 2018 the old hospitals were replaced with a state-of-the art single-patient 1,000 bedroom hospital.

Erasmus MC is committed to a healthy population and excellence in health care through research and education. It therefore is the ideal place for highly talented, motivated and aspiring researchers in the (bio)medical field!

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