ERC Proof of Concept Grant

ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2017

ERC Proof of Concept Grant

Dr J. A. (John) Foekens

Erasmus MC, Department of Internal Oncology

Targeted combination therapy for the treatment of aggressive breast cancer
Every year, some 14,000 women in the Netherlands are diagnosed with breast cancer. In many cases, these women will be able to be treated using a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and anti-cancer drugs. However, 15 to 20% of patients suffer from ‘triple-negative breast cancer’ (TNBC), a highly aggressive type of breast cancer. Their treatment options involving medication are limited. Dr John Foekens and his team are examining the effectiveness of a promising targeted combination therapy for the treatment of TNBC, developed by the team itself.

Dr ir. C. (Christos) Strydis 

Erasmus MC, Department of Neuroscience

Understanding the brain – Engineering meets neuroscience
Modern neuroscientists are in dire need of powerful computing for constructing and exploring super-detailed models of the brain. The current state of the art is seriously lacking in either speed or ease of use. Dr Christos Strydis introduced BrainFrame, an elegant simulation platform comprising novel software and award-winning hardware, capable of delivering impressive tools for exploring the brain. The BrainFrame platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, providing a scalable solution for any neuroscience lab.