Programme Committees

Each programme of the Erasmus School of Economics has its own programme committee: Economics & Business EconomicsEconomics of TaxationEconometrics & Operational Research and Accounting, Auditing & Control.

The programme committee advises the programme director about all matters concerned with the programme. The programme committees also advise about carrying out the education programme and modifying the teaching and examinations regulations. Half of the members of the programme committees are staff members and half are students. The Erasmus School of Economics has the following programme committees:

Economics & Business Economics

  • dr. J. Delfgaauw (chairman)
  • dr. P. Garcia Gomez
  • dr. Y. Peers
  • dr. T.L.P.R. Peeters
  • dr. V. Volosovych
  • A. Achilleos (student member)
  • S. Bekir (student member)
  • B. Horstink (student member)
  • A. Livadariu (student member)
  • D. Vodegel (student member)

The Programme Committee Economics and Business Economics can be contacted via e-mail: (for students) and (for employees).

Fiscale Economie

  • dr. Y.M. Tigelaar-Klootwijk (chairman)
  • mr. R.B.N. van Ovost (secretary)
  • E. Baltus (student member)
  • V. Visser (student member) 

Econometrics & Operational Research

  • prof.dr. R. Paap (chairman)
  • dr. W. van den Heuvel
  • dr. R-J. Lange
  • dr. R. Spliet 
  • D. Allick (student member)
  • E.L.G. van Dijck (student member)
  • E. Vollmer (student member)
  • C. Yang (student member)

Students are welcome to contact the student members of the Programme Committee Econometrics via e-mail:

Accounting, Auditing & Control

  • dr, P.Y.E. Leung (chairman)
  • dr. Y. Gan
  • A. Calkin (student member)
  • E.E. Intan (student member)

The Programme Committees are supported by Paula Endeveld, Secretary Participation Bodies (