Complaints Committee

The complaints committee handles written complaints that are individually submitted. The complaints can be submitted by and against a member of the university if no other measures have already been taken in the EUR for dealing with the complaint.

The committee examines the complaint and if possible, settles it. During its examination and settlement the committee observes the confidentiality of the both complainant and accused party. For the individual complaints procedure of the Erasmus School of Economics please see the following link: Individual Complaints procedure Erasmus School of Economics (pdf file)


The Committee consists of the following members and substitute members:

  • Dr. Christiaan Heij (chairperson)
  • Annette Teijl - Toet MEd
  • Tom Janssen (student member)
  • Florian Stein (student member)

Substitute members

  • Prof.dr. Dick van Dijk
  • Prof.dr. Maarten Bosker
  • Myrthe van den Reek (student member)


  • Ramona Ligthart

Contact information

Complaints must be submitted to

Or in writing to the following address:

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Economics Complaint Committee, Attn. R. Ligthart
Room EB-07
Post Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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