Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (‘Vaste Commissie voor de Wetenschapsbeoefening’ in Dutch) advises the Dean about the School’s academic policy. In this context the committee advises about the placement of PhD-candidates. Furthermore, the committee advises about the school’s research programme, the preparations for a research assessment and the measures that are taken as a result of this assessment.

The Research Advisory Committee members

  • Prof.dr. O.H. (Otto) Swank - chair
  • Prof.dr. H. (Han) Bleichrodt
  • Prof.dr. B.G.C. (Benedict) Dellaert
  • Prof.dr. P.J.F. (Patrick) Groenen
  • Prof.dr. S.T.L.R. (Steven) Sweldens - representative ERIM
  • Dr. A. (Andreas) Pick - representative Tinbergen Institute

Secretary: Wietske Rowaan (