Research Advisory Committee

Current facets (Pre-Master)

The Research Advisory Committee (‘Vaste Commissie voor de Wetenschapsbeoefening’ in Dutch) advises the Dean about the School’s academic policy. In this context the committee advises about the placement of PhD-candidates. Furthermore, the committee advises about the school’s research programme, the preparations for a research assessment and the measures that are taken as a result of this assessment.

The Research Advisory Committee members

  • Prof.dr. O.H. (Otto) Swank - chair
  • Prof.dr. H. (Han) Bleichrodt
  • Prof.dr. B.G.C. (Benedict) Dellaert
  • Prof.dr. P.J.F. (Patrick) Groenen
  • Prof.dr. S.T.L.R. (Steven) Sweldens - representative ERIM
  • Dr. A. (Andreas) Pick - representative Tinbergen Institute

Secretary: Wietske Rowaan (