Management Team

The Management Team of Erasmus School of Economics meets on a monthly basis. Besides the Dean and the Vice Dean, these meetings are attended by the following people: the Programme Director, the Head of the Dean’s office, the Secretary to the Dean’s Office, a representative of the Erasmus School of Economics Limited Companies and the Executive Assistant to the Dean, who also writes the minutes of the meetings.

Resolutions of the Management Team

The Management Team publishes their public resolutions on a monthly basis. The Resolutions are available as download here.

Postal Items of the Management Team

A monthly list is published of all public postal items received by the Management Team. The lists of postal items (in Dutch only) are available as downloads here.


Prof.dr Ph.H.B.F. Franses

  • Ultimate responsibility for management and administration of the Erasmus School of Economics
  • General Finances
  • Marketing / sale frameworks
  • HR Policy employees
  • Searching and scouting
  • Eramus School of Economics holding structure
  • Managing third party funding activities
    (teaching and research contracts)
  • Strategy development in research
  • Coordination of research schools
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Vice Dean Education

Prof.dr I.J.M. Arnold

  • Strategy development in teaching
  • Allocation of teaching resources,
    quality assurance policy
  • IT in teaching
  • Substituting the dean
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Prof.dr. H.P.G. Pennings - Vice Dean Research

  • Strategy development in research
  • Doctoral Education
  • Research Funding
  • Quality Assurance
  • Substituting the dean
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