Current facets (Pre-Master)

The School Council is accessible to all Erasmus School of Economics’ students and staff members. Anyone who wants to ask a question or receive information can send an e-mail to one of the council members so that the member can put this on the agenda of the School Council meeting. You can also direct your e-mail to the School Council’s Secretary, Paula Endeveld. She also can make sure that your request will be add the agenda.

The School Council consists of 14 members. Seven members are selected from the staff of the school (personnel council) and seven members are students of the Erasmus School of Economics (Student Council). The term of office of the personnel council is two years and the term of office of the Student Council is one year

Staff members

Student members

Dr. H.W.J.M. Trienekens 
chair personnel council

Sibren Iwema
chair of the School Council & student council
e-mail R. Dekker

Abdurrahman Calkin

Dr. V. Karamychev

Yasmin Chen

Dr. A.S.


Seungwon Kim
Y.S. Chung MScNordin de Korte
L.O. Hickey MSc

Veroniek Visser


Dr. C. Lin

Elena Vollmer