Accounting, Auditing and Control

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MSc in Accounting, Auditing and
drs. R. van der Wal RA
Full Time (1 year)

Accounting, Auditing and Control

The master programme Accounting, Auditing and Control is for students who aim for a career in auditing/controlling with organizations primarily operating internationally. If you have fine analytical skills and an independent mind, as well as excellent computational abilities and the desire to work in a financial and business environment, this is your master programme. In this programme you can choose between one of these 3 specialisations:
  • Accounting and Auditing: intended for students who aim for academic employment in the accounting, auditing and assurance branch.
  • Accounting and Control: for students who aim for academic employment in the accounting and control branch in organisations primarily operating internationally.
  • Accounting and Finance: intended for students, who want to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

Why Accounting, Auditing and Control?

  • Corporate scandals involving very large companies turned auditing into headline news, not just in the business pages of newspapers, but on front pages, in editorials, in television news bulletins and discussion programmes as well. Auditing is more than ever the talk of the town.
  • Talented graduates from the master programme Accounting, Auditing and Control are sought after in almost any field of industry, including auditing firms, management consultancies and financial institutions.
  • This programme is the ideal career path to become a:
    • Chartered Accountant (RA, CPA)
    • Chartered Controller (RC)
    • Management Consultant
    • Expert in Financial Economics

What our students say

'This programme will guarantee that you will master all kinds of controlling skills, so that everything that counts is counted for!'

Boudewijn Martens