Application procedure

In order to be eligible for the Erasmus Education Fund scholarship you must:

  • Be an excellent student (evidence of good results and of good English skills)
  • Need financial support to study
  • Be willing to help recruit new students for Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Be in the process of applying for a new study at Erasmus University Rotterdam/ already be a student at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Should you be nominated to receive the EEF scholarschip, you will only receive the scholarship after you are successfully enrolled in the university prior to 31st August. 

Application procedure

The board of the Erasmus Education Fund will select students based on their motivation, reference letters and study results. If needed/desired, the board will request additional information from the Education Service Center. Before the beginning of the new academic year, it will be announced which students will be granted a scholarship (beginning of May).

You can send your application to EEF throughout the whole academic year, however, the deadline for the application is 1 April of each year. The board of EEF will evaluate the applications each year at the end of April and announce the results in May. Once the board of EEF has granted a scholarship, the student is allowed to re-apply for the scholarship in the following study years.

Required documents

You may apply for a scholarship by sending a motivation letter, two reference letters, a grade list of obtained results in your current studies and a proof of registration (admission offer) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. All these documents need to be sent to the Board of Erasmus Education Fund.

Motivation letter

The motivation letter should contain the following information:

  • Evidence that you are an excellent student
  • A description of your financial position and the reason why you would need this scholarship
  • How you, as a student, can help to recruit new students for this programme

Reference letters

The two reference letters should be written by former teachers and should contain:

  • Evidence that you are an excellent student
  • Evidence that you take responsibility and are socially mature

Grade list obtained results

Please request your current secondary school or University (depending on which type of programme you are currently enrolled in), to make a certified overview of your obtained results so far. Certified means that the document should be signed and stamped by the school/University.

Admission offer from EUR

The document you receive after you are formally accepted at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Send in address

All  required documents must be sent before 1 April to