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Young Alumni

  • Dennes van der Vlist

    Associate - H2 Equity Partners

    Alumnus International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics IBEB

    "After finishing my studies in Rotterdam in 2011, I started working for a Private Equity firm based in Amsterdam. As a Private Equity firm, we invest capital committed from large institutional investors (i.e.: pension funds, etc.) by acquiring mid-sized companies."
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  • Eline van der Gaast

    New Venture Director - SKIM

    Alumna Master Quantitative Marketing (Econometrics)

    "In the summer of 2001 while still in high school, I visited New York City and instantly fell in love. I loved the city, the energy and the people and decided that someday I would live there."
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  • Hubert de Nie

    Business & Technology Consultant - Accenture

    Alumnus International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (IBEB)

    "I graduated from the IBEB programme in the summer of 2011 and continued my studies at the ESE, graduating from the Marketing programme in the summer of 2012"
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  • Irma Tempelaar

    Consultant Advanced Planning & Scheduling - Capgemini

    Alumnus Econometrie en Operationele Research

    "Studying is like cooking. With cooking you want to enjoy the process, but eventually it is all about the final dish. The same holds for studying! You want to enjoy your study and everything that comes with it, but eventually it is to get that great job that you want."
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  • Marco Massarenti


    Alumnus International Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research

    "After a bachelor and a master in statistics and three scholarships to study abroad, I considered taking a second master, to improve my econometric and programming skills."
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  • Sanne Rosendaal

    Risk Trainee - ING

    Alumnus International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics (IBEB)

    "I am currently enrolled in the Risk track of the ING International Talent Programme. Before this I did a master in Development Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, the master in Financial Economics and my bachelor IBEB at the Erasmus University."
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  • Sebastian Korteweg

    Financing and Scheduling films & TV series at RTL

    Alumnus Economics and Business Economics

    "Studying isn’t only about getting a degree. It’s about exploring your world. Ever since I saw the car from Back to the Future in Hollywood at the age of nine, I have been thrilled by the magic of movies."
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  • Vincent Karremans

    CEO & Founder

    "My first lecture was Micro Economics 1 taught by prof. Swank. Two valuable lessons were taught to me that day."
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