Career prospects

Many companies in the Netherlands visit Erasmus School of Economics on LinkedIn or LinkedIn for Education as well as abroad are interested to recruit economists with specific, but also with broad knowledge which they can apply in all sorts of real-life situations. The specific knowledge but wide applicability of economics is what makes graduates in economics very popular at companies.

Our students go on to pursue a wide array of careers. Our economic graduates do not encounter any problems in finding employment. Most of the recent graduates are able to find jobs within three months after graduation. Other graduates consciously opt for continuation of their studies or for going abroad for a period of time.

The basis for future work lies in the choice of subjects chosen during your study. However, no matter what you choose, Rotterdam economists are broadly employable. Not only do they work in specific economic jobs, they also find work in more general positions at academic levels. Several examples of positions include stock-exchange analysts, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, marketing managers, tax inspectors, sales managers, policy staff, personnel managers, lecturers, academics, politicians, management consultants and scientific journalists. Although the afore-mentioned list includes multiplicity of positions and sectors, our economists can be found primarily in the following sectors:

accountancy, administrative offices, tax advisors
general public administration
economic research / consultancy firms
trade (particularly wholesale companies) and multinationals