Erasmus School of Economics attaches great importance to transferring knowledge to society and its effective use of academic knowledge in society. Some of the many ways that Erasmus School of Economics achieves this is by cooperating with the business community and other social organisations, by developing networks with students and alumni, and by providing programmes for the top of the business community and the non-profit sector.

Sponsored Masters

Erasmus School of Economics has begun setting up sponsored masters: the 'Honours Masters.' An 'Honours Master' is a regular master, which is open only for the very best students, and is sponsored by the business community. Two subjects that are selected and taught by the sponsor supplement the regular curriculum. In addition, it is also possible to organise an international business case. The 'Honours Masters' lead to a win-win situation:

  • The sponsor receives the possibility to provide potential employees with extra training and experience.
  • Students get an opportunity to have an inside look at a reputable company and to follow extra subjects. This looks very good on their resume.

Sponsored Chairs

Erasmus School of Economics attaches great importance to linking academic knowledge with practice. The school and social institutes work more and more together in the area of research and education. One of these forms in which this cooperation materialises is the sponsored chair.

An institution, which is interested in a particular expertise within Erasmus School of Economics and wishes to become more closely involved with research and education in that field, can sponsor a chair. This can be an existing chair, but it is also possible to start a new chair. Furthermore, it is possible to connect the name of the sponsor to the chair. For more information, contact our marketing department.


For more information about cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics, contact our marketing department:

Ronald de Groot
T 010-4081762
M 06-53641846