Data Science and Marketing Analytics
MSc Economics and Business

Why study Master Data Science and Marketing Analytics

Whether you take the train, buy something online or make an insurance claim, virtually everything you do contributes to the vast amount of data collected. Clever analysts help companies and organisations to benefit from this important resource. In the Data Science and Marketing Analytics programme at Erasmus School of Economics, students focus on the tools and skills that are needed to analyse so-called Big Data and turn it into meaningful insights.

Data Science and Marketing Analytics combines theory and practice from computer science, marketing, economics and statistics in such a way that the potential of Big Data can be used successfully to create greater value for consumers and firms. It offers our students a thorough understanding and knowledge of a wide range of techniques that can all handle the large and heterogeneous data sources that are prevalent in many modern business settings.

This provides the foundation needed by students to select the right method for the right question. Such questions include (among many others):

  • Identifying the customer profile for a particular product or service
  • Recommending products of interest to a customer, based on previous purchases
  • Determining the profitability of individual parts of a company’s business.

Is this the right choice for you?

Do you have an inquisitive nature and analytical skills that you would like to apply in a practical business setting? Did you always wonder what role data collected by companies and institutions play in dealing with today’s business challenges? Are you interested in learning programming skills that allow you to collect, clean and analyse such data? Do you have the perseverance and confidence needed to acquire the skills to apply and tweak the latest machine learning methods in a business setting? In this programme you will be able to put all of this to good use.

The following traits will stand you in good stead to study Data Science and Marketing analytics at Erasmus School of Economics:

  • Your ambition is to provide data driven answers to business problems
  • Being at the forefront of developments in data analysis appeals to you
  • Analytical thinking is your forte
  • You are not afraid of some mathematical notation 
  • You feel comfortable working in English.

Why study Data Science and Marketing Analytics in Rotterdam?

By combining the computer science and statistical expertise of our renowned Econometrics Institute with the business insights of top researchers of the Marketing Department, we have created a programme that offers a unique combination of profound insights into data science methodology with a clear view of the application of these methods in practice. In addition, Rotterdam is a vibrant, multicultural city that is at the forefront of exciting developments in industry, logistics, science, culture and architecture.