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TE Day Out 2013

The TE Day Out of 2013 took place on 18th October. The activity of the day was a GPS tour through Rotterdam. The group was divided in four teams and every team needed to follow the GPS instructions and find a lot of different pictures on the route, so they could go to the next GPS location and finish the trip to the point where all the teams started. Also every team needed to trade a pen for a more expensive object. Group 2 won this by trading the pen for smell sticks. Group 4 had collected most points and became the winner of the GPS tour. When all the teams were back it was time for dinner. It was a great day and we were lucky with the weather, it was a little bit cold but no rain. We are looking forward to what we shall do in 2014! Pictures

New employees at TE


Kim van Wilgenburg:

PhD student of Owen O'Donnel 1-9-2013:

Caroline Witte:

PhD student of Enrico Pennings 1-9-2013:

Ilke Aydogan:

PhD student of Han Bleichroth  

ESE Awards 2013

This year again some TE employees received an award. Top Senior Researcher:

Han Bleichrodt and Eddy van Doorslaer

Top Talent Researcher:

Aurelien Baillon, Philipp Koellinger and Kirsten Rohde

Top Lecturer:

Hans van Kippersluis

New employees at TE


Manuela Ettekoven:

Assistant Office Manager 1-5-2013:

Darjusch Tafreschi: Assistant Professor

Changes in Office Management team

We welcome our new Assistant Office Manager, Manuela Ettekoven, who started on 1st April! Ramona will replace Anka as Office Manager. For questions about guests, student-assistants, orders for software or computers and for the website, please contact ManuelaRamona is available for financial and personnel matters and any general questions or requests you may have. There are also some changes in the task division at the secretariat: Nita will assist with all matters concerning teaching: grades, exams, theses, etc. Gerda will help you with your leave card and requests for reservations and catering. Kim will take care of your reimbursement requests and special orders for office supplies. Of course all of us will help you with any questions you have! If you send your e-mails to it will always reach the correct person. If you would like to have more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Ramona

TE Day Out 2012

The TE Day Out of 2012 took place on 16th November. The first activity of the day was go-karting at De Uithof in The Hague. As is the tradition in all motor racing sports, the three teams that were the fastest were presented with a cup. The proud winners were Enrico Pennings, Rogier Potter van Loon and Hale Koc. The cocktailworkshop in Restaurant Bar Elit was the second activity of the day. We were shown how to make Mojito's and several other strange concoctions made it to the bar, to be happily consumed by many members of our department. Some even made their own cocktails! After the cocktails it was time for dinner, and everyone agreed that the food was wonderful. Thanks for a lovely day and let's do it again in 2013! Pictures

Lecturer of the year 

During the Bachelor Graduation Day ceremony on 1st November, it was announced that Bas Karreman has (again) won the Lecturer of the Year Award, as elected by the students. Congratulations Bas!  

New employees at TE 

1-10-2012: Hao Zhang: PhD student of Eddy van Doorslaer.

1-9-2012: Wim Rietdijk: PhD student of Roy Thurik.  

New guest: Emmanuel Kemel 

Emmanuel Kemel will visit us from 15 October until 7 December. A guest of Han Bleichrodt, he will be staying in room 12-16.  

New employees at TE


Pourya Darnihamedani: PhD student of Roy Thurik / Jolanda Hessels. 1-8-2012:

Aysu Okbay: PhD student of Roy Thurik / Philipp Koellinger. 1-9-2012: 

Tong Wang: PhD student of Han Bleichrodt. 1-9-2012: 

Ronald de Vlaming: Education & Research officer working for Roy Thurik / Philipp Koellinger.

New secretary

As of 16 August a new part-time secretary, Kim Beerentemfel, will join our secretariat, initially for one year with the first two months as a probationary period.
Kim will work every week on Tuesday and Thursday, and every other week also on Friday, starting with 17 August. She will be first introduced to the most essential secretarial tasks, so that she will start giving support to TE members as soon as possible.

New guest: Harald Mayr

Harald Mayr will visit us from September 2012 until January 2013. A guest of Pilar Garcia Gomez, he will be staying in room 12-33.