Previous Skills Workshops

Media & Academics

The Erasmus School of Economics frequently appears in the news. Journalists often call academics for an explanation of research or to comment on current social developments. Publicity opens up all kinds of new opportunities. It can influence the public's perception of science and helps to promote both the research and the Erasmus School of Economics. Traditional and social media are essential instruments in this process. Ronald de Groot and Rosalieke Mulder provided the ins and outs about how to generate publicity.

Questions about Tenure Track

Margaretha Buurman explained what the criteria are for obtaining tenure and how the university assists tenure trackers.

Q&A with Philip Hans Franses

During this seminar our dean Philip Hans Franses was interviewed about a wide range of topics, varying from his research experience to the strategy of our school.

Personal Branding

Of course you know who you are. Of course you know how to publish your research. Of course you know how to teach. And of course you know what it is that you do for Erasmus School of Economics. But do you know how to sell yourself without selling your soul? In an interactive workshop of half an hour Patrick van Thiel (Manager Marketing & Branding of Erasmus School of Economics) will elaborate on the topic of Personal Branding. Just being brilliant is not enough anymore.