Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam

The EFR is the official study association of Erasmus School of Economics. The EFR was officially founded in 1964. Fifty years later, the EFR has distinguished itself by establishing a reputation of being one of the largest, most active and professional student organisations of Europe. The EFR has over 6000 members of which more than 160 are Committee Member, who voluntarily commit themselves to organising activities for fellow students.

Each year, the EFR organises numerous activities in different fields. We give students the oppurtunity to gain an early insight behind the scenes of the corporate world and offer you a vibrant social scene ranging from parties to study trips and from the EFR Business Week to a televised debate in cooperation with EenVandaag.

Becoming a member of the EFR is a logical step if you are interested in economics and study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. As a member, you receive our news mail once a month, so you will always stay up to date on the EFR-events and discounts. Members get discounts on books, the Eramus Sport Pass and on all the events the EFR organises. Besides that we offer free summaries for all your courses during the first two years of your bachelor. For more information visit our website of EFR.

EFR Study association of the Erasmus School of Economics, 2017,

Introduction Weekend

For first year students of the International Bachelor of Economics and Business (IBEB) and Bsc2 students, EFR organises the EFR-IBEB Introduction Weekend. This Introduction Weekend will take place from 1 till 3 September 2017. During this weekend you will get to know your fellow students before the start of the academic year. The introduction weekend is a weekend without any obligations, but with a lot of fun and good parties. Make sure you attend the Introduction Weekend and subscribe!

You can also subscribe for the iBuddy Programme, the official introduction programme for international students of Erasmus School of Economics and the EFR.