Withdrawal / Deferral Survey

Current facets (Pre-Master)

According to our records you have withdrawn or deferred your application to Erasmus School of Economics.

We would appreciate if you could complete this brief survey in order to help us improve our services for future (prospective) students.

Please be assured that the information gathered will only be used by Erasmus School of Economics for internal purposes.

Personal information

Reason of withdrawal / deferral

5.1 Could you please indicate the reason(s) why you are no longer interested in studying at Erasmus School of Economics (or in this particular semester)?


Before submitting your application

6.1 Were you in contact with Erasmus School of Economics before you submitted your application?
6.2. Were you satisfied with this contact and the answers received?

After you submitted your application (the admission process)

7.1 How many weeks did it take from the date you submitted your application until you received a decision on admission?
7.2. Were you satisfied with the time it took for your application to be processed and a decision on your admission to be issued
7.3 Were you satisfied with the way Erasmus School of Economics communicated with you during this admission process?

Further comments/suggestions


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