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Tuition fee discount because of corona

€1,084 discount on the regular statutory and institutional tuition fees mentioned below *

Reduced tuition fees

2021-2022 tuition fees will be halved for first-year students **

Everyone who studies in the academic year 2021-2022 will receive a €1,084 discount on the regular tuition fees mentioned below. This applies to both the statutory fee and the institutional fee (also for international students).

* If you are going to follow a pre-master's program in 2021-2022, this discount will be included in the compensation pro rata.
** Eligible students will pay half of the reduced statutory tuition fee in the 2021-2022 academic year: €542 (see the Q&A of the Government)


EEA/EU students 
Statutory fee

NON-EEA/EU students
Institute tuition fee

Bachelor programmes 2021-20222.1689.600
Bachelor programmes 2022-20232.2099.700

Statutory fee EU/EEA students bachelor programmes

There are two requirements in order to be eligible for the EEA/EU students statutory fee in 2020-2021:

  1. You have an EEA/EU, Swiss or Surinamese nationality or you meet the other requirements mentioned in article 7.45a, paragraph 1(b) of the WHW
  2. You have, since 31 August 1991, not been awarded a degree in Dutch higher  education that is equivalent of your current programme of study . In case you have an uninterrupted registration for a second (or more) bachelor programme before finishing your first bachelor programme, you pay the statutory fee for the second (or more) bachelor programme after you have finished the first bachelor programme as long as your registration for this programme is uninterrupted.

 If you do not fulfil both requirements, you pay the institute tuition fee. Prices differ per study and per person. More information on the requirements for the statutory fee is available on this website.

EU/EEA students

Visit the website of the Erasmus Student Service Centre to check if you have a EU/EEA nationality.

Student Finance

Visit the website of DUO for information on student finance. 

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