Current facets (Pre-Master)

Submitting an official GMAT score is mandatory for applicants from selected bachelor programmes for the (Pre-)master Economics and Business whose previous education does not make you directly eligible for admission according to our admission matrices. Please visit the official website of GMAT to read more information about the exam content, how you can register for the exam and to search for a convenient testing location and date.

The minimum required score is 650. Applications without a valid and sufficient GMAT score will not be considered. It is possible to send in the official results of your GMAT exam after you applied. In that case, fill in the date that you plan to take your GMAT exam and make sure that you give the Erasmus School of Economics permission to view your official score report online. Please note that the scores need to be submitted with your application before the application deadline of 1 May 2018. If you are required to take the GMAT exam and we have not received your scores before the deadline, your application will not be processed by the Examination Board.

Please indicate the date you plan to take the exam in your online application form. GMAT exam results can be verified online only if you have given the Erasmus School of Economics permission to access your scores. For more information on how to make your scores available please visit the GMAT website. The institution code for the Master Economics and Business is QK8-4B-75.

Please note that GMAT scores older than 2 years are not considered valid by the Erasmus School of Economics.

SAT and GRE scores will not be accepted.

The GMAT exam consists of 4 parts: a quantitative section, a verbal section, an analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning. The first 2 sections are used to determine your overall score.