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Erasmus School of Economics has opened a webshop. Different services are offered in this web shop, from a late enrollment for exams and tutorials to Ranking Statements and Erasmus Lectures for students.

Too late registration for an exam

If you are too late to register for an examination and have taken the exam at your own risk then you need to pay an administration fee to have your grade registered in OSIRIS. Now, you can also arrange this through the webshop without having to go to the Information Desk. You can pay the €20 administration fee for the late exam registration through the webshop. The school will ensure that the exam will be graded and registered in OSIRIS, if you were in fact eligible to register for it.  The service “Too late registration for an exam” can be acquired two days prior to the exam until the day the exam is being held. For exams that end after 16.00 it also applies that the registration can be accepted the day after either through the webshop or by visiting us at the Information desk at the E Building, ground floor.

Note: by paying the administration fee for an exam before the exam is held, you are expected to sit the exam and to ignore the ‘at your own risk’ stamp. Your payment will be processed as quickly as possible but, due to the manual administrative processing, it will not appear on the lists in the examination hall. The grade shall also be processed manually and is separated from the bulk and shall therefore not be immediately visible in the system.

Please also read the information on registration for exams carefully: Information registration examinations

Too late registration for a tutorial

Did you fail to register for a tutorial on time? Now you can do so via the webshop and you do not have to go to the Information Desk. Simply pay the administration fee for your late registration for the tutorial via the webshop.Erasmus School of Economics shall process your registration, after first checking your eligibility to take the tutorial, the administration fee for a late registration for a tutorial will be €20. Please do not forget to add your first three preferred tutorial groups in the “Add comments About Your Order”. If you do not give your preferred tutorial groups a random group will be assigned.

After applying for a late registration for a tutorial, the tutorial will appear on your course schedule within two working days (if you are eligible).  We advise you to attend the tutorial immediately in order to avoid further delay and to meet the attendance requirement.

Are you resitting the tutorial? Please read the following information carefully: Information registration tutorials

Ranking Statements

Have you completed you studies and is your final grade registered in OSIRIS? Then apply for your Ranking Statement now. This statement compares your grade (Bachelor or Master) with that of all students who have graduated in your programme in the last five years.  The cost of the Ranking Statement is €10. After 19 days you can collect the statement from the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre.

Please read the information on the Ranking Statement carefully: Information Ranking Statement

Erasmus Lectures

Are you interested in certain Erasmus School of Economics courses but you do not want to follow a complete programme? Perhaps Erasmus Lectures (contract education) is something for you. All the bachelor courses that students are permitted to follow are offered via the webshop. Both individual courses at bachelor level as well as the complete part time pre-master programme Accounting, Auditing and Control are offered.

Please read the information on Erasmus Lectures carefully, including the further explanation about what exactly is offered and the complete registration procedure: Information Erasmus Lectures

How do I apply for a service?

To apply for a service through the webshop, click on the service of your choice in the shopping area. You must first log on with your ERNA details. If you do not have an ERNA account then you can create an external account. After logging on, you will see all the services provided. Please note that you will probably also have access to the services that you may not be eligible for. For example, the English language bachelor courses are intended for the IBEB and the Econometrics students only. After making your selection, you can put the service into your shopping cart (the item number must remain at 1). Once you have added the service to your basket, you can proceed to pay either by iDeal or PayPal.

Location webshop

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