Requests to the Examination Board ESE

Students can request the Examination Board of the Erasmus School of Economics for individual arrangements by submitting an online form for requests. The Examination Board decides if a request is valid.

The following requests are made most frequently. Please read the applicable policy on your subject before you submit a request.

These subjects are excluded

The following subjects are excluded and requests with these subjects will not be taken into account:

  • The Binding Study Advice; personal circumstances which may have influenced your study progress should be made known by the study advisor on time. 
  • Calculators; the list of calculators which are allowed during some written examinations is fixed and will not be changed upon request. The use of any other calculator will be considered as fraud by the Examination Board ESE.
  • Dispensation requests regarding the Bachelor major seminar; if you do not yet, but almost, meet the entrance requirements for the seminar, you should complete the relevant question on the registration form. 

How to submit a request

You can find the online form for requests here. Moreover, here you also find your previous requests and decisions. 

Fill out the form truthfully and attempt to write your request as clear and brief as possible. Indicate the correct course name and -code in any event. Incomplete or unclear requests will not be processed. The Examination Board will come to a decision as soon as possible, but in any event six weeks after the date on which the board receives your request. 

The Examination Board will process your details with the utmost care and will not make them available to third parties without your permission. 

More information

Inform yourself on the Rules and Regulations of the Examination Board and on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) before you submit a request.

If you need help formulating a request, do not hesitate to contact the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre or the Study Adviser.