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Obligatory attendance requirement of tutorials unmet

An obligation to attend at least 70% applies to the tutorials for the bachelor-1 courses. If you were unable to meet this requirement, and had a legitimate reason to do so, you can request to have your result assigned anyway.

The Examination Board will only process your request after the examination has taken place and it's clear you have not met the obligatory attendance of 70%.

More information on the attendance requirement of tutorials can be found here

Writing a request

Pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • Give at least the following information in your explanation:
    • Name and code of the course;
    • Total number of the obligatory tutorials;
    • Total number of tutorials missed;
    • Reason and the date of the tutorials you have missed; 
  • Attach the following documents to your request: (medical) proof of why you were not able to participate in the practicals. 

Medical cause

If you were unable to meet the obligatory attendance requirement due to a medical cause (e.g. illness, surgery), it is necessary to attach a medical statement to your request, as a proof of your medical condition.

Your doctor may refuse to provide you with such a statement. To make sure you can prove your medical condition, you can ask your doctor for access to your medical record. A copy of (the relevant part of) this file will be accepted as evidence by the Examination Board.