UPDATE February 2018:

Housing Anywhere still has rooms available exclusively for EUR exchange students starting in January 2018. You can register here: http://go.housinganywhere.com/35y

HousingAnywhere is a housing platform listing the accommodation supply of Dutch students going on a foreign exchange programme. Their offer consists of temporary furnished accommodation for exchange students. HousingAnywhere does not act as an intermediary, they merely list available accommodation.  The supply includes the occasional apartment and is limited. HousingAnywhere can't garantee rooms for all exchange students.

Room rates

Rental prices start at € 300 a month ranging anywhere up to € 750. Utilities such as the internet, gas, water and local taxes are not always included. This depends on landlord and tenant arrangements. Always check in advance what is and isn’t included in the rent.

Location of rooms

Rooms offered through the platform of HousingAnywhere are all over Rotterdam. Take a look at our Neigbourhoods section to get an idea of the location you are looking at.

Room quality

The quality of the individual rooms will differ and Housing Anywhere does not carry out any quality checks. This means you will have to judge room information for yourself. Most rooms will be part of shared student accommodation, so often this is an excellent way of getting to know Dutch students and their way of life.

Rental procedures

If you find accommodation through HousingAnywhere, you will have a limited rental period as stated in the advertisement on the housing platform (minimum 3 months, maximum 6 - 8 months). Arrangements will vary since all agreements are made by lessor and tenant themselves. The legal aspects section might contain some useful information when it comes to Dutch tenancy agreements.

Terms of notification

If you find accommodation through HousingAnywhere, it should normally be possible to terminate your contract with one month’s notice. This depends on the arrangements you make with your lessor.

How to find a room through Housing Anywhere

Visit www.housinganywhere.nl and you will see a map of Rotterdam with rooms on offer which you select by clicking on them. If you respond to an advertised room, keep in mind that the lessor (Dutch exchange student) will receive a lot of reactions and is unlikely to respond to every e-mail he or she receives. So it’s best to respond to as many advertisements as you can and contact HousingAnywhere if in doubt about the room’s availability.

Housing Anywhere is also present at our One Stop Shops. Make sure to register for these One Stope Shops, so you can ask them questions directly.