Arranging your stay

Housing in Rotterdam in 5 steps

  1. You are responsible for your own housing.
    • The possibilities for Erasmus University Rotterdam to arrange housing for students are very limited. So make sure to set up a search yourself, on time!
  2. Know what to expect – and what to look for:
    • Student housing in Rotterdam will usually mean sharing a flat: you’ll have your own bedroom, but share the rest. Also, men and women live together in such flat shares (if you prefer not to, make this known).
    • Housing in Rotterdam is not cheap – rents can vary between 500 and 750 – and additional costs (electricity, water, gas, municipal taxes) are not always included!
    • Rotterdam is a big city – in which area do you want to live? Take a look at the map and descriptions of the areas on this page to get a better overview of Rotterdam’s neighbourhoods.
  3. Be cautious, especially when looking from abroad. Not all housing agents or landlords can be trusted. If you have any doubts concerning your rental agreement, strange fees or the landlord’s behaviour, please reach out (also see below).
  4. Take a look at all the websites offering housing and send out as many enquiries as you can. Did you find 20 suitable offers? Reach out to them all!
  5. Found a room? Before signing anything, don’t forget to go over the legal aspects about what to look for in a contract. Do you have questions about the contract, your rights as a tenant or the rules and regulations? Feel free to contact the Housing Hotline for advice. 

Bonus tip: didn’t succeed in finding a room before you come over? Many students live in a hostel or an Airbnb for their first days / weeks and continue looking from here. After all, being able to find a room partly depends on having a local social network, and this will start growing as soon as you land in Rotterdam. 

Don't get scammed

Apart from your housing search in general, be aware of the fact that you might encounter frauds online. Especially for those who look for accommodation whilst still being abroad, keep your eyes and ears open and use legit platforms to complete your search.

One of our vloggers explains how she ended up being scammed and advises on what (not) to do in this situation.

Avoid getting scammed

Make a budget plan

Know what type of room you can afford.

Budget plan

Practical matters

Let us help you prepare for your stay here.

Practical matters