Application procedure

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Step 1

Admitted/selected non-EU students from Erasmus School of Economics, will be informed via e-mail as soon as the faculty has requested the central Immigration Office of Erasmus University Rotterdam (hereafter: EUR Immigration Office), to start the immigration procedure. Within a maximum of 5 working days the request will be processed and you will receive an automatic message from with a link to enter Osiris (the system used for the immigration procedure).

After logging in to Osiris with your ERNA log in details, you click on the section "My Cases” and choose the case which applies to immigration. In this section you will find the required application documents that you will need to fill in and submit in Osiris, in order to complete your immigration application.

Step 2

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) will only agree to a residence permit when they are guaranteed that you can live and study in the Netherlands without financial difficulties. Therefore, you are to arrange a bank transfer, which covers your annual tuition fee, a deposit for the cost of living (€950 per month) and the administration cost for the IND to review your application.

In the table below you will find which amount is applicable to you:  

  • Bachelor students*: € 21307 (€ 9700 tuition fee + € 11400 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs)
  • Pre-master students: € 21307 (€ 9700 tuition fee + € 11400 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs)
  • Master students: € 27407 (€ 15800 tuition fee + € 11400 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs)
  • Exchange students:
    • Block 1&2: € 4007 (€ 3800 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs) – study period 4 months
    • Block 1-4: € 7807 (€ 7600 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs) – study period 8 months
    • Block 3&4: € 4007 (€ 3800 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs) – study period 4 months
    • Block 3-5: € 6857 (€ 6650 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs) – study period 7 months
    • Full year: € 11607 (€ 11400 costs of living + € 207 immigration costs)


*bachelor students only need to prove living costs for the first year of their study programme, hence the living costs of € 11400

Please note: the amounts above might still change.

Information for transferring the bank payment:

* Account holder:                                       Erasmus University Rotterdam
* Account number (IBAN number):         NL92ABNA0602496071
* Account number (BIC code):                 ABNANL2A
*Bank address:                                           ABN AMRO bank, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam
*Payment reference: [studentnumber]/yourfullname]/[dateofbirth(ddmmyyyy)]/[INDdeposit]
(example: 12345/johndoe/03051985/INDdeposit 

Step 3

Wait for the central EUR Immigration Office to check and approve your application documents, as well as your bank transfer. As soon as your immigration documents are complete, and the immigration payment has been received, the University will forward your application to the IND.

You can monitor the status of your immigration application in Osiris – My Cases. Please take into account that the EUR Immigration Office, in the peak period, requires 5 working days to review documents and payments.

Step 4

Once the IND has received your application, it may take up to 6 weeks before you are informed of the official approval for your entry visa and/or residence permit. You can monitor the status of your application in Osiris, but please note there is no possibility to speed up the process of the IND.

Since we cannot predict how long the immigration procedure will take, we strongly advise against booking tickets to the Netherlands before your application has been approved and you have an appointment for collecting your provisional residence permit (mvv).

Step 5

The IND announces its decision by means of a postal letter (in Dutch), which will be sent to the University. The EUR Immigration Office will send this letter to you in PDF-format via email, together with further instructions.

Step 6

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands and opened a Dutch bank account, you can submit your refund request for the transferred living fee. You will receive a message from the EUR Immigration Office about the refund procedure.

Please do take into account that it may take 2 – 4 weeks before the funds are showing in your Dutch bank account. Always make sure to have sufficient funds available during the first few weeks of your stay in Rotterdam.

Step 7

You will be informed via e-mail once your residence permit card is ready for you to collect at the IND office in Rotterdam.


  • Students who have not received a link to enter Osiris–My Cases can send an email to Erasmus School of Economics Immigration Officer: osc
  • Students who wish to contact the central EUR Immigration Office can send an email to:

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