Women in Economics: A Progress Report and Actionable Insights

Royal Dutch Economic Association, Aeclipse
Start date

Friday 5 Feb 2021, 16:00

End date

Friday 5 Feb 2021, 17:30

Ticket information

Registration is open to all ESE students and members of the Royal Dutch Economic Association. Members of the Royal Dutch Economic Association register by sending an email to office.kvs@dnb.nl. You can become a member by following this link.

ESE-students can register with AEclipse (free of charge) here.

Study association Aeclipse and the Royal Dutch Economic Association organize an online event on 5 February 2021 about Women in Economics. The moderators are Amiya Kane (Aeclipse) and Robert Dur (KVS).

Three years ago, economics weekly ESB published a special issue about the strong underrepresentation of women in economics: https://esb.nu/esb/20046200/esb-4767s-esb-dossier-women-in-economics. The event on 5 February is devoted to the questions: What progress has been made since then? And what can we learn from experiences abroad?

We have three esteemed speakers. First, Guido Friebel from Goethe University Frankfurt will talk about a real-time online tool to monitor the representation of women in economics across Europe: https://www.women-economics.com/. He will give us an update on the most recent numbers with special attention towards the Netherlands.

Second, Sarah Smith from Bristol University has taken a lot of initiatives to promote diversity in economics in the UK and Europe, see among others: https://www.discovereconomics.co.uk/. She will share her experiences and several actionable insights with us.

Third, Janneke Plantenga from Utrecht University will give a response to the two presentations. 

The event ends with a Question and Answer session with the speakers and the audience.