How to apply

Application procedure

Do you meet the requirements in order to be considered eligible for an exchange? Have you made a well-considered decision which destinations you would like to go to? Then you can start with your online application.

You will need to submit or upload:

  1. Personal information
  2. Three destinations you would like to go to. The chances that you will be selected for either one of these choices are equal.
  3. Your academic transcript in English. For your application at Erasmus School of Economics, a printout of your OSIRIS file is sufficient. You need to print out all courses and grades obtained so far, including your insufficient marks.
  4. A motivation letter, written in English and addressed to the exchange coordinator. In your motivation letter you should clearly state why you are motivated to study abroad and why you should be selected. Include a short motivation for each of the chosen destinations. You can also include a short introduction of yourself and an explanation why studying abroad will be a valuable academic and personal experience for you. The motivation letter should be around 500 words.

Selection procedure

You will be informed about the selection decision via e-mail. Selection will be based on your study results and motivation. We will do our best to place as many applicants as we can with one of the three universities listed in your application. We will do this in such a way that to reach a global optimal outcome. Please note that the chances that you will be selected for either one of your three listed choices are equal. If not all students can be placed during the first round, a second placement round will take place. Students that could not be selected will be invited to choose three universities from the universities where spots are still available.

After selection, you will be invited to come to the pre-departure information meeting. During this session, final information is given and questions can be answered. At this meeting you will receive your selection letter and the terms and conditions. All students need to confirm the selection offer by signing the terms and conditions within 2 weeks after receiving it. Withdrawal from the exchange programme after this date will be charged with an administrative fee of € 250.

Once we have received the signed terms and conditions, we will nominate you at the host university. After we have nominated you, you can start your application procedure at the host university. Students are responsible to apply at the host institution correctly and in time. Please bear in mind that the host university still has the right to reject this nomination, although nominated students usually are accepted.

The application procedure at the exchange university can be quite extensive. Keep in mind that you need to read and follow the instructions given by the host university well. You are responsible to meet their application requirements. You will probably be required to supply several important documents, which might take time to obtain. For example, it could be that you have to show language proficiency in English or Spanish. Please read the fact sheet and the website of the host university carefully.

Application is closed

Currently the application is closed. Application for the fall semester (block 1 and 2) of the academic year 2017-2018 will open on 15 December 2017.