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How to apply for a Provisional Residence Permit (Visa)

Once accepted for a programme at our university, you will be able to apply for the provisional residence permit via the so called Accelerated Visa Procedure.The Erasmus University has an agreement with the IND (Immigration Services). We can therefore make use of this Accelerated Visa Procedure by applying for the visa for you.
This way the decision of the IND will be available in 3 to 6 weeks.

If you apply for the provisional residence permit yourself it will take up to 5 months before a decision is made.

Please note:

  • The 'Accelerated visa procedure' can only be used for new applications, not in combination with a running application (submitted by yourself or others)
  • You have to wait for the decision on the application in your home country
  • If you are staying in a so called third country, you can collect your visa there, providing you can at least show that you applied for a legal stay in that country

The following documents should be sent to our office (the Education Service Centre at the Erasmus School of Economics). You can send these documents via e-mail to your contact person at the Erasmus School of Economics:

  • Copy of the personal data pages of your passport
    If you are living in a country other than what your nationality is; you should send a copy of your (temporary) residence permit as well. It is then up to you to choose at which embassy you would like to pick up your provisional residence permit: Either the country where you are now living in or your home country. Note: the residence permit from the country that you live in and where you would like to pick up your Visa needs to be valid for at least another 3 months.
  • Page 8 of this document, completely filled out

In addition, your solvency must be proved. Therefore, an amount of € 825,- per month that you are staying has to be transferred to our School.

For example, if you are staying for one year, you should transfer (€ 825 x 12) + € 30 = € 9930,-.
For example, if you are staying for four months, you should transfer (€ 825 x 4) + € 30 = € 3330,-.
Make sure to always transfer € 30,- more then the actual amount, so bank costs will be covered.

The bank details are:

Coolsingel 119
Postbus 949
3000 DD Rotterdam
Account number

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Postbus 1738
3000DR Rotterdam
IBAN: NL02ABNA0473136260



Make sure that in the description you mention VISA + your programme (IBEB, Pre-Master, Master or Exchange) + your student ID number + your full name.

The university will make a bank transcript and send it to the Immigration Services in order to proceed with your visa application.
After your arrival in Rotterdam, the School will refund the total amount of money to your new Dutch bank account.

How to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit

All non EU/EEA citizens who are staying longer than 3 months will need to apply for a temporary residence permit within 3 days upon arrival in Rotterdam. The Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) will arrange the application for you. Further instructions will follow at the start of the academic year.

Required documents for a residence permit

(Please note, if on these documents a date is mentioned, the date should not be older than 3 months by the time you apply for the permit around September)

  • Legalised copy of your birth certificate in the English or Dutch language
  • You can legalize documents at official translating offices in your home country
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • 2 colored passport photos (looking face front)
  • Coupon confirming your official registration, enclosed with your student card (you will receive this from us upon arrival)
  • Valid passport, if applicable with sticker stating the authorization for temporary stay
  • Prepared to take a TBC test when asked
  • Proof of solvency or scholarship (with a minimum of € 825,-)
    This means a proof of income (bank statement, scholarship, tuition waiver, sponsor) you will need to show that you have at least € 825,- per month at your disposal during the period of stay.

    The bank statement should be on official paper of the bank in English, including their address, the full name and bank account number of the student and it should show that the customer has immediate access to the money (savings account is not accepted!). A copy of this paper will not be accepted, only originals. The paper should not be older than three months. To prove this, a date of issue should be mentioned.

    If e.g. a father or mother is sponsoring you, the proof of income should be on his/her name and a copy of his/her passport is needed as well. This form can be obtained on request via your contact person at Erasmus School of Economics.