The faculty association for aspiring econometricians


FAECTOR, the Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research is the faculty association for aspiring econometricians at Erasmus School of Economics. Our mission is to enrich the student experience of all econometricians in Rotterdam, in the broadest sense of the word. As FAECTOR, we strive to fulfil this ambition by organising the largest and most diverse portfolio of projects and events available to students Econometrics in the Netherlands. This has not been without success: since our foundation in 1966 we have been an ever growing association, with more members and projects every year.

FAECTOR (Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research)


We offer plenty of varying projects ranging from social - to career - to educational events. A few examples of successful career events are the Econometric Career Days, the biggest on-campus recruitment event for econometricians, and the Quantitative Finance Tour, a trip to London where prestigious investments banks are visited. Besides, we have our own vacancy website Econometrie.

In the field of educational, we organise an Excellence Programme and a FAECTOR Research Project. During the Excellence Programme, highly motivated students get the chance to develop themselves in a broader sense and with the FAECTOR Research Project students can apply for an internship in the third year of their Bachelor. In the end, the revenue of this internship will be used to go on an unforgettable trip somewhere outside of Europe. In the past years we have visited countries like Brazil, Canada, Japan, South-Africa and many more. Moreover, we organise various workshops, like a presentation workshop and a CV training.

On top of that, FAECTOR also organises many social events. Examples are After Exam Drinks, sports tournaments and an Interfaculty Gala. Once every year, a group of FAECTOR members go on a City Trip and a Ski Trip. Finally, at FAECTOR you will get a discount on your study books.

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Introduction Camps

FAECTOR organises two introduction camps for our new students to get to know each other before the academic year starts. During an introduction camp you will be able to get acquainted with fellow students, FAECTOR and the study Econometrics in general!

There are two camps: PINKWIN and PENGUIN. The former one is organised for students Econometrie & Operationele Research (the Dutch version), whereas the latter is organised for students International Bachelor Econometrics & Operations Research and BSc² Econometrics/Economics. 

There is no better way to start your student life! These weekends are purely meant for you to get to know your classmates before the semester begins, to get a feeling of Rotterdam and what Econometrics and FAECTOR can offer you during and after your studies. Make sure you sign up in time!