Tuition fee

Students studying at Erasmus School of Economics have to pay tuition fees according to their nationality and study programme. For more information about the amount of tuition fees and payment procedures please visit the website of ESSC.

Finances and expenses

Experience has shown that students living and studying in Rotterdam spend approximately €1,000-1,200 a month. This amount is needed to cover daily expenses, meals, accommodation costs, insurance, study books etc. This estimate does not include tuition fees and unforeseen costs, and should be used as a general indication of the costs of living. How much money you will actually need depends on your life style. The costs for housing, for example, may differ considerably. Also, if you plan to travel during your stay, you will obviously need more money.

An example of an overview of average living expenses per month

Accommodation (furnished, including (shared or individual) utilities)




Books and study materials (may vary per study programme)


Daily expenses (food, drinks, clothes, going out, public transport, etc.)


Other (non-recurrent) expenses

Visa and residence permit fees (for non-EU students)                       


Bicycle (secondhand)


Unforeseen expenses (high medical or telephone bill, etc.)                


A number of items with their average prices

Cup of tea or coffee in a café


Cheese sandwich


Big Mac                                                                            


Meal in a typical student restaurant                       


Cinema ticket


Hairdresser (cut and blow-dry)


You can convert these amounts into your own currency. Further information about the costs of living in the Netherlands and related subjects can be found on Study in Holland.