How to prepare

When you decide to spend a study period at Erasmus University Rotterdam it is important to start preparing your stay well in time. There are many different things a student needs to take care of prior to departure. On this page you can find specific information about; housing, finances, visa & health insurance. In addition there is a student handbook available on the website of the International Office of Erasmus University.

Please note that upon arrival a student needs to follow certain administrative procedures as well. For example, students need to take care of their formal enrolment at the university. They also might need to apply for a temporary residence permit, open a bank account, apply for a social fiscal number, and apply for a medical insurance. Once students have taken care of these things, they will gradually start settling in. Erasmus University offers some tips that can accelerate this process, which you can find below.

Please note: The city hall of Rotterdam and ABN bank will be available on campus during the EUREKA university introduction week. More information on which documents to bring when you would like to register can be found on the EUR website of city hall and ABN bank.

  • Timeline

    For a clarifying table with all the important information which will become available on the website you can check out the timeline.



  • Immigration Procedures

    Most international students from outside the EU/EEA studying in the Netherlands for more than 90 days need to apply for an entry visa and/or a Dutch residence permit. Students with a non EU/EEA nationality that have done their previous education in the Netherlands need to follow the procedure for switching institutions concerning their residence permit. 


  • Housing

    Finding a place to stay can be quite difficult, so we advise you to start your search for accommodation as soon as possible.


  • Finances & Tuition fees

    Arranging your finances might be one of the most important aspects of preparing your stay in the Netherlands. To be able to make a good cost estimate, it is important to know what expenses and possible incomes to expect.


  • Health insurance

    When you're studying in the Netherlands you're required to have a health insurance. Find out more about which health insurance suits you best.


  • How to get to Rotterdam

    Rotterdam can be accessed in many different ways: by plane, train, car, bus and boat. There are regular flights from all major cities in the neighbouring countries to Rotterdam Airport, and the city itself has an extensive network of buses, trams and metro.


  • Registration at City Hall

    All international students must register at the City Hall in the city where you will live during your study at Erasmus University.


  • Academic Calendar

    If you want to look up when the education periods start and end, or if you want to know the examination dates, you can take a look at the Academic Calendar for the year that you're going to study.


  • Opening a Dutch bank account

    You can already begin the procedure of opening a Dutch bank account. International students who wish to open a Dutch bank account can do so at several banks.