Industrial Dynamics and Strategy

Facts and figures


MSc in Economics and Business
prof. dr. A.R. Thurik
Full Time (1 year)

Industrial Dynamics and Strategy

Industrial Dynamics and Strategy programme is predominantly built on the idea that entrepreneurship and innovation are what make people, firms and industries successful. Here, you will focus on phenomena that pose constant challenges and opportunities, phenomena like new technologies, shifting consumer preferences, economic crises and innovation. In short: a unique programme in the heart of society.

Why Industrial Dynamics and Strategy?

  • The Master’s specialisation combines theory and practice so that students develop practical, analytical, and research skills as well as the academic knowledge that today's change makers use to rejuvenate their organizations or to start a new one
  • This programme offers an intriguing perspective on firm behaviour at the micro- and macro-economic level, it provides students with the analytical tools that are necessary for making the right decisions in a highly dynamic environment
  • Many of our alumni are working in leading consulting companies, or hold general management positions in large international enterprises or smaller, specialized firms. Others have started their own companies, work for the government, or European institutions

What our students say

'The great thing about the master programme “Industrial Dynamics and Strategy” is that every course prepares you in a way to do your own research eventually.
The courses are interestingly related to each other, making it possible for a guy like me to keep my focus.'

Qushannick Thode