Facts and figures


MSc in Economics and Business
prof. dr. M.G. de Jong

Full Time (1 year)


Marketing involves the selection of target markets (how to define the market and in which market to be active), appropriate segmentation (which segment to serve) and positioning, and development of a marketing programme to deliver a competitive offering to target segments, typically based on the 4Ps - product and branding, pricing, promotion (communication), and place (distribution). Importantly, marketing also involves the use and development of metrics and tools to measure and control the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

Why Marketing?

  • The Master’s specialisation Marketing is intended for students who are eager to learn how to design and execute marketing strategies on an international scale.
  • The programme distinguishes itself from other marketing programmes in several important ways:
    • First, we teach evidence-based marketing.
    • Second, many of the professors have excellent connections with the business community, and act as consultants on a regular basis.
    • Third, the group has trained many current and former top executives, more than any other group in the Netherlands.
  • The programme will prepare you for marketing positions such as business/marketing strategist, market researcher, marketer or business development manager in consulting firms, marketing research & strategy houses, technology-intensive and/or knowledge-intensive industries.

What our students say

'The Erasmus School of Economics Marketing Master educates next generation marketers. Students are being equipped with tools and knowledge to make marketing accountable, shaping the scope of the marketing profession.
Studying for this master next to my job as marketer gave me the opportunity to test the relevance of the programme in practice.'

Mei Haighton