Successful ESE-bility day 2015: improving education together

Succesvolle ESE-bility dag 2015, gezamenlijk het onderwijs

The annual ESE-bility day took place this year on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 at Theaterschool Hofplein, in the building that used to accommodate the Netherlands School of Economics (Nederlandse Economische Hogeschool), the predecessor to the current Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The theme of the day was ‘improving education together’ and the successful programme consisted of eight different workshops, such as Cultural Awareness and Assessment: Quality and Effects of How to use theatre techniques in your presentation. Some 140 employees, both academic and support staff, took part in this year's ESE-bility day. 

Awards presentation

The ESE-bility day was concluded with the presentation of various awards. Each year, Erasmus School of Economics presents awards to employees who have performed outstanding work that has made a positive addition to the quality or visibility of the faculty. The award categories are: Top Senior Researcher, Top Talent Researcher, Top Lecturer, Visibility and Support. This year's winners are:

Top Senior Researcher Award                   

Prof. Peter Wakker

Peter Wakker is world renowned and is therefore an important figurehead of Erasmus School of Economics. Professor Wakker has written almost 150 articles and is among the most cited economists in the world. What is particularly interesting is that his work moves into various disciplines, such as economics, mathematics, psychology, management and medicine. Peter Wakker has received a wide range of prestigious distinctions, such as the Ramsey Award and the Medical Decision Making Career Achievement Award.

Top Talent Researcher Award                   

Dr Maarten Bosker

Maarten Bosker studies how economics works in different locations (geographic economics) and in different times (historic economics). This is particularly relevant, for example, if you want to better understand how developing countries can become more prosperous, or the ways the EU is getting 'smaller', such as due to open borders. Maarten has published a great deal, and his influence reaches outside the academic world as well. He is affiliated with the Centre for Economic Policy Research in London and previously worked for De Nederlandsche Bank and the World Bank. In these roles he contributed to various international policy reports. Maarten Bosker also received a Top Talent Researcher award in 2012.

Dr Hans van Kippersluis

Hans van Kippersluis is an extremely talented researcher in the field of health economics. His research focuses on the complex connections between socioeconomic characteristics – education in particular – and health. Hans previously received a Top Talent Researcher Award (in 2010) and in 2013 he was awarded a VENI grant from NWO. He also has a great talent for explaining complicated aspects of his research in a relatively simple way, both verbally and in writing. This ability also makes him an excellent teacher, and earned him a Top Lecturer Award in 2012. His international network of co-authors underlines his ability to independently start a line of research and his list of publications in leading journals in Health and Labour Economics demonstrates his great success in following these lines of research.

Dr Vadym Volosovych

Vadym Volosovych has worked at Erasmus School of Economics since 2010. Vadym studies the behaviour of financial markets and wondered, for example, why capital mainly flows between rich countries and not from rich to poor countries. His work involves finance, macroeconomics and econometrics, which leads to interesting results. He has published a range of articles and had two papers in the Journal of the European Economic Association last year, with one of the highest impact scores in the field. Vadym Volosovych also has experience as a policy advisor, at the IMF, among other places, and alongside his academic work he continues to contribute to the general discussion through columns and discussion papers.

Top Lecturer Award                                       

Dr Tom van Ourti

Tom van Ourti coordinates the master specialisation Health Economics since 2009. The Master has grown significantly since then. He is also responsible for the Bchelor 2 course Methods and Techniques, which he recently renewed and improved. Students consistently evaluate Tom as being very competent and supportive. With the introduction of Shakespeak in his lectures he manages to interact with a large group of students during his course.

Dr Nuno Almeida Camacho

Nuno Almeida Camacho is a tenure tracker who has been successfully teaching the seminar Strategic Marketing in the Master Marketing for years. The seminar has an innovative set up of the lectures: Students interact with each other in an extensive simulation game and apply their knowledge directly “in practice” during these simulations. The game is not only just play, but students have to motivate their choices upfront and reflect on the game afterwards. Students highly value this setup and evaluate the course with a score of 4.6 and Nuno himself as a teacher even more, with a 4.9 (N=44). 

Prof. Albert Wagelmans

Albert Wagelmans receives the Top Lecturer Award for several reasons. First of all, Albert’s courses and performance as a teacher are consequently highly valued by students. This is an achievement for the course Mathematics for economists, since economics students tend to regard these courses as obligatory and difficult, but somehow Albert manages to motivate these students. Second, he was involved in innovations in education and was a pioneer in the development of webcasts for students. Students appreciate these webcasts in the student evaluations and use them to gain a deeper understanding of the material. The making of the webcasts was very labour intensive. Albert managed to develop them during his time as managing director of the department of Econometrics. For his high scores as a teacher, active role in innovations in education and all the efforts he made he receives the Top Lecturer Award.

Dr Jurjen Kamphorst

Jurjen Kamphorst has managed that the Microeconomics course in the bachelor is well organized. Students are satisfied and actively involved. They understand the material better than ever and can show their knowledge by answering open questions in the exam. This demands an enormous effort and coordination by the staff. Some 30.000 questions have to be checked and many student assistants have to be guided. As a lecturer Jurjen Kamphorst is doing an excellent job at all levels. 

Visibility Award

Prof. Fieke van der Lecq

Fieke van der Lecq is one of the most influential persons in the Dutch pension world. In addition to various advisory roles at pension funds, Fieke is heard regularly on the radio and she gets attention in newspapers. Furthermore, she organized the "Pension executive" course at EURAC and was involved in the set-up of the pension track within the master financial economics. This way Fieke van der Lecq combines science, practice, and education optimally; a perfect example of valorization in a field that plays a very important role in the public debate in the Netherlands and abroad.

Support Award

Carien de Ruiter

Carien de Ruiter has been supporting the econometrics department and especially the director of the department in a solid way for many years. She is very service oriented. Furthermore, integrity is one of her key values.  The job of an office manager has become more and more intensive and has certainly not been easy the last couple of years. Nevertheless, the secretariat of the Econometrics department has continued its support under the guidance of Carien in a satisfactory way. Hence, the appreciation of Carien within the department is enormous.