Policy Economics

Facts and figures


MSc in Economics and Business
prof. dr. B. Jacobs /
prof. dr. H.D. Webbink
Full Time (1 year)

Policy Economics

The Master’s specialisation in Policy Economics provides students with the theoretical background and empirical training necessary to become a highly qualified policy economist. The programme enables students to apply state-of-the-art economics and research techniques to real-world policy issues such as: How should governments cope with ageing, rising costs of health care and broken pension systems? How can the government optimise incentives in public organizations and provide public services efficiently? How progressive should the tax and benefit system be and can it be made more efficient? How should markets be regulated and what should be the proper balance between markets and government?

Why Policy Economics?

  • The programme is developed in close cooperation with the future employers of our students, such as Dutch Ministries and research institutes.
  • Some of the best practitioners of policy economics will be invited for guest lectures.
  • The best students can be selected for internships at one of our partners, for example, at one of the Dutch Ministries, CPB or the Dutch Central Bank.

What our students say

'Advanced Modern Macroeconomics is a fast moving and very interesting course that captivated me from the beginning.
By using different models of growth, empirical phenomena are critically assessed. This course gives a solid basis to address modern policy issues, both with useful academic tools and back-ground knowledge.'

Nicolas J. Coudret