Quality Assurance

Research review Economics & Business 2008 -2014

Erasmus School of Economics conducts high quality research

An international committee led by prof. Arie Kapteyn recently reviewed the research done in the field of Economics & Business at various Dutch universities (1) during the period 2008 – 2014. The committee concluded that Erasmus School of Economics had conducted high quality research over the review period, adding to the already high level of research in Economics & Business across the country.

The committee noted that Erasmus School of Economics is very well equipped for the future with its large proportion of talented young faculty, who, when properly mentored by senior faculty, add to the long-term sustainability of the School.  Furthermore the committee noted that Erasmus School of Economics presents several interesting examples of societal impact generated by its research results and pursues an active policy with regards to scientific integrity.

The committee concludes the report with several recommendations of which the following two are the most important:

  • Expanding international networks: "...consider expanding existing seminar and visitor programmes to a faculty wide formal visitors programme whereby faculty members from top schools spend time at Erasmus School of Economics; these would be research visits of (possibly) several weeks, fully paid by Erasmus School of Economics. The faculty member would interact with local faculty, discuss research with doctoral students, and perhaps do a little PhD teaching."
  • Enhancing opportunities for PhD students: "...encourage and support doctoral students as much as possible to go on the international job market."

The review is based on a self-assessment report provided to the committee by Erasmus School of Economics (including supporting documentation), a selection of key-publications and interviews with the School’s faculty. The final report of the committee was delivered on January 12th, 2015. Both the self-assessment made by Erasmus School of Economics and the report of the committee are modelled on the rules and guidelines provided by the Standard Evaluation Protocol 2015 – 2021.

The full report of the committee is available for download. The self-assessment report (appendices) provided by Erasmus School of Economics to the committee is also available.

(1): Erasmus School of Economics, Maastricht University, University of Groningen, Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam & VU University